Eleonora- I would love to keep the dialogue going about this. Please share your teachable moments.

Very insightful. Thank you.
I am also having my teachable moments - in the receiving end by having a close up on what really means being a single mom with 3 young kids unemployed or employed on minimum wage jobs. On Xmas 2012 - we "adopted a family". Usually in these events - you buy presents, may be a gift card, bring people out for dinner or have a party and then you say good bye. You feel good of your act and then move on with your busy life. I decided to remain in contact by asking her phone # and giving mine. At the beginning I was afraid of may be being overly contacted with requests. Actually, the mom did not push. I had to initiate and maintain contacts.
I am learning a lot through this experience. Debunking several myths and preconceived perceptions. I would like to share my teachable moments with you so that you could decide which topic is worth to further talk about or let me know how I could further expand the reach.

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